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Cutie Sweet Angle Pendant for Keepsake
  • Product Origin:China
  • Brand:Marlary
  • ItemNO.:CRF065
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This angle pendant is made in stainless steel, very lovely look.

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Cutie Sweet Angle Pendant for Keepsake

Material 316L Stainless Steel        
Shape Angel
Size 15x15 mm
Name Engraving  Available
Sample  Available

This Cutie Sweet Angle Pendant for Keepsake is handmade, size 15x15 mm, top opening.

Buy one and keep your love one always near your heart!

If you have any design of Angle urn ash memorial cremation Keepsake Jewelry want us to make, we can make for you.

Any of our angle ash cremation memorial jewelry, just feel free to contact us.

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